The Norwegian Sponsoring and Event Association is an ideal organisation, founded the 16th of January 2001. The purpose of the association is to enhance and promote the understanding of sponsoring and events as marketing tools.

So we do, by daily providing our members with updated information on the latest news about sponsoring, events and the industry.

We offer and provide networking arenas with debates, seminars, conferences and research throughout the year - nationally as well as internationally. On top we, have our weekly Newsletter, which is a sum up of everyday news, of the actual week. Our main happening for the industry is the conference and award "Sponsor- og Eventprisen" - normally taking place in the beginning of every year. 

We have a unique network of capacities within marketing, communication, sponsoring and events that the members enjoy being a part of. We also provide a range of exclusive benefits online.

The Norwegian Sponsoring and Event Association has around 200 membercompanies/organisations: sponsors, rightholders, event agencies and consultants. You can see the member-companies/organisations HERE

For further information, you are more than welcome to contact managing director Janette Haukland.


By phone: (47) 930 60 390
By mail: jh@sponsevent.no